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DUO Week was started in 2019 by three sophomores as part of an OCA Bible class project. Mrs. Scott, an alumni of OCA, and her Bible class wanted to give back to both OCA and local organizations. Inspired by the successful philanthropy weeks of other Edmond high schools, these students set out to not only spark school pride but to create something that would make a lasting difference in the culture of OCA and in their community. 

The Bible class worked quickly to plan food nights, fundraisers, dress-up days, and many more events for the first-ever DUO Recipient, Peppers Ranch. DUO Week's goal for the first year was $15,000, and through the passionate generosity of OCA students and families, DUO Week raised over $25,000 dollars for the children at Peppers Ranch. During the final assembly, students were informed that an anonymous donor had matched the amount bringing the total to a little over $50,000! Blown away by the success of the first year, it was clearly obvious how God would bless this week for both OCA and the community for years to come.




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Keaton's Kindness




The Halo Project



Second Chances

Thrift Store


Peppers Ranch

Foster Community


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